PRO-"YAM" TENNIS EXHIBITION (Jai-alai ) Shoot-out Saturday March 13 th (6-8pm)

What is a Pro-Yam Exhibition you ask? The BTC Pro staff will be teaming up with a young Amateur from our after-school tennis staff.


Mikael Pernfors/ Figge Pernfors

Conner Pickering/Mac Johnson

Karim Balagh/Bo Johnson

Jamie Moore/Trey Olmstead

Christophe Delavaut/Gracie Levelston

Umpire & MC: Gary Kitchell

Jai-Alai Format:

When arriving at the club each member will pick a random number (1 through 5). Minutes before the match each team will be assigned a number (1 through 5), to see which team you will be rooting for. Prizes will be drawn from all the winning tickets.


One Babolat Racquet of your choice

Private Lessons

Gift Certificates to Counter Culture

Racquet tune-up (Resting/Regrip)

BTC Logo wear

BTC Logo Hat

Match Format

Each match is a 9 point tie breaker (first to 5 points). Each team gets one point for winning a Tie-Breaker. First team to 10 points wins the event.A Team cannot win more than 2 consecutive match.

The event is Free but you must sign up in Advance.

Members - 1 session
Non members - 1 session
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